Ahh, ranks.

New players start out at the rank of Player.

Players have permissions to build, lock doors and chests, set a home, teleport (/tpa), have horses, view recipes (/recipe item_name), and more. Anybody could stay a player forever, and have access to almost everything in the game.

Players can’t, however, use flint + steel or lava buckets. Players can ask an officer or an op to light their netherportals for them. Players can only set one home.

Residents are the next step up, and I consider these players the stable citizens of Hide Your Fire. Residents can use flint + steel, lava buckets, and can set three homes. Residents can also use the block inspector, /co i, to view block changes.

Officers are trusted players. Officers have usually served as an Op (a staff position I try to rotate every month). Officers can perform block rollbacks, and nickname themselves and other players.

Ops are the staff on the server tasked with keeping law and order. Think of them as crossing guards. They perform rollbacks, greet new players, and have other permissions that help them investigate suspected griefers. When an Op is on, they are the authority for the server, deciding bans and other decisions as necessary.

Ops typically serve for a month or so. This position can be nominated by other players, or picked by the owner. There are always two Ops; they pick their own schedules on when to play. If you need help, seek out an Op!