If you have these questions, there are answers. Those are below.

What’s Minecraft?

Minecraft is a totally awesome 3d game where you can place blocks of – well, anything, really. At night monsters come out. You can buy it from minecraft.net if you haven’t already.

What’s this server like, then?

It’s friendly, usually. Free from hate-speech, nationalism, sexism, and (mostly) free from swearing. I’d say our primary claim to fame is that we’re a small server where community is really important. We have really young players, and really old players. We build great things, and also dirt shacks. We’re as open as we can be, and also keep functioning.

Our main server is Civilized Survival. There’s always a variety of projects going on, and you’re always welcome to start your own. Build a farm for animals or crops, or create a Roman aquaduct, or start an enchanted armor shop to sell to other players. Watch out for monsters, though – we play on Hard.

Our players are helpful – ask them if you need something. We always keep two operators (it’s a handpicked-by-me position that changes roughly each month) who keep things running smoothly. And we’re always on the lookout for people building really cool stuff.

How do I play?

Buy Minecraft, then run it. When it opens, click on Multiplayer, then punch in the server IPplay.hideyourfire.com, and hit Connect. You’re in!

I just joined – where am I?

You’re probably in the lobby. From here you can go to either Civilized Survival, or Irrupt! RPG.

Somebody just told me hate speech will get me permabanned. WTFBBQLOLROFL??!?!

Yep. Bigotry, sexism, racism, ageism, religious descrimination, nationalism, etc. There’s a bajillion places on the internet where you can troll people. Don’t do it here. Don’t know what hate speech is? Well, go educate yourself.

Who’s the owner?

ralphhogaboom. Ralph is a 39 year old father and husband who enjoys knitting, programming, running, bad movies, playing ukulele, and Minecraft.

Does it cost any money?

Well, you need a legit version of Minecraft. But after that, no. There is no ‘business plan’. We don’t break even. We’re here because we love Minecraft. That’s it.

Then the server will probably shut down soon, huh?

No. We’ve been doing this going on 7 years now. The server is 100% bought and paid for, not rented. We’re in this for the long haul, baby.