Welcome to Hide Your Fire!, what we humbly refer to as Earth’s Finest Minecraft Server.

Ready to play? Point your PC version of Minecraft at the IP play.hideyourfire.com !

We’ve been around since August 2010. We’re small, fairly vanilla, though we do load server plugins once in awhile to have some fun. We’re a civilized survival server. That means PvP is allowed. Harassment is not. Neither is griefing, stealing, or hacking. You get respected to build what you want, how you want, and hang out with our pretty excellent community.

Our operators are generally elected (sometimes appointed) on a month-to-month basis, and are a position of service. They ban griefers, perform rollbacks (we log all blocks placed), and help you get oriented. They’re also amazingly friendly. We’ve got a pretty good thing going on here.

So, why play at Hide Your Fire? Good question. Here’s why.

We’re player run.

We have a light but functional government of player operators, and player input is what drives this place.

We’re well managed.

Our server admins are pro/am, and know their stuff.
Years of nightly backups, with per-spot or per-player rollbacks available for the asking.

We’re free.

There is no currency involved, no buying ranks. We play because we love Minecraft.

We’re friendly.

We’re almost always super welcoming and nice. Oh, and there’s no hate speech tolerated here – racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia. That means you’re safe to just relax, and play. It’s smashing.

Our rules are simple, but firm.

  • No hate speech (racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia)
  • Watch the language
  • No griefing
  • No hacked clients / xray mods

Questions? Sure. Email the owner or hit him up on Skype, he’s ralphhogaboom .