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Minecraft Java Edition (aka PC)

on version 1.17 as of July 2021

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Xbox, Playstation, Switch, & mobile

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why hide your fire is for you

‘civilized survival’ is our bread & butter

We’re a civilized survival server. That means PvP is allowed. Harassment is not. Neither is griefing, stealing, or hacking. You get respected to build what you want, how you want, and hang out with our pretty excellent community.

We humbly call this “Earth’s finest Minecraft server.”

griefers can’t ruin your game

We log every block change to a database, so we can roll back any griefs. This includes block damage, fire/water griefs, and damages to your crops & farm animals / pets.

We also use a locking plugin to prevent theft from chests, armor stands, furnaces, doors, you name it.

And these protections are on by default.

friendly, non-toxic community

Our community is small and friendly. But we’ll also leave you alone to play your game how you want to play it.

We’re almost always super welcoming and nice. Oh, and there’s no hate speech tolerated here – racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia. That means you’re safe to just relax, and play. It’s smashing.

fine print


Our rules are simple but firm.

  • No hate speech (racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia)
  • Watch the swears, muchacho
  • No griefing
  • No hacked clients / xray mods


Founded in August 2010 when my 6 year old wanted to play on a server with other people. As of June 2021, that was almost 11 years ago. Holy smokes!

Hide Your Fire and the owner, ralphhogaboom, work closely with law enforcement. We hand over server logs, including IP addresses, whenever any threat, doxxing, or cyberbullying goes down. I have no problem calling your mom, either. I am entirely serious about this.

ranks / titles

New players start out at the rank of Player.

Players have permissions to build, lock doors and chests, set a home, teleport (/tpa), have horses, view recipes (/recipe item_name), and more.

Players can’t, however, use flint + steel or lava buckets. Players can ask another player to light their netherportals for them. Players can only set one home.

Residents are the next step up, and I consider these players the stable citizens of Hide Your Fire. Residents can use flint + steel, lava buckets, and can set three homes. Residents can also use the block inspector, /co i, to view block changes.

Veterans are players who have helped the server in key ways, and have been on the server for several years, though not quite as long as Legends.

Legends are players who have been on the server since the beginning, back in 2010. These players are rare; treat them with respect. They have put in the time here, and understand the history of this server and how Hide Your Fire works at a deeper level than most.


Yes, we have that too.

Get in touch

The owner is ralphhogaboom. Send him an email if you have a question or need to get in touch.

Discord might be better, his is bitpost#8899.

Ban appeals rarely work, however. glhf