Welcome to Hide Your Fire!

Survival multiplayer. Civilized. Spigot. 24/7. 4+ years and still here.

Ready to join us? The server IP is play.hideyourfire.com.

Story Mode

Hide Your Fire is currently playing story mode – during this time, game mechanics and elements will change so as to serve the larger story arc. We’ve just completed Season 1, LORD OF GHASTS.

Confused? Here’s a season recap.

Season Finale: “My Only Friend, The End”

Mrcreeper, joined by The_Mole_Man, journey through the portal – to a skyworld. They construct a bridge to the floating island containing the Mage’s Castle, and fight through to the top. There, Mrcreeper learns two new spells – Akranon, and Enderghast.

The Lord of Ghasts tells him to go to the volcano castle in the south. There, he is to cast Enderghast – the spell that will give Mrcreeper god like powers, and unleash enderdragons and the Lord of Ghasts himself to our world.

Fighting to the top of the castle, The_Mole_Man protects Mrcreeper and fights along side him, defeating a wither, and waits while he casts Akranon, a spell that closes the portal for the Lord of Ghasts – but requires a permanent sacrifice. Mrcreeper suffers a permanent ban, and will never be able to come back – a sacrifice that permits the rest of us to continue to play here.

He will be remembered. As a friend. As a hero. Mrcreeper is dead. Long live Mrcreeper.

So, why play at Hide Your Fire? Good question. Here’s why.

We’re player run.

We have a light but functional government of player operators, and player input is what drives this place.

We’re well managed.

Our server admins are pro/am, and know their stuff. Years of nightly backups, with per-spot or per-player rollbacks available for the asking.

We’re free.

There is no currency involved, no buying ranks. We play because we love Minecraft.

We’re friendly.

We’re almost always super welcoming and nice. Oh, and there’s no hate speech tolerated here – racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia. That means you’re safe to just relax, and play. It’s smashing.

Questions? Hit the FAQ.