Welcome to Hide Your Fire!


Survival Minecraft. Spigot. 24/7. 4+ years and still here.

Ready? The server IP is play.hideyourfire.com.

Build in our community in semi-vanilla SMP.

We love building beautiful things. The cities of Joa, Canada, and Serenity offer refuge from the world. Our map is still wide open for exploration, and we have a long term commitment to keeping it – we’ve been around for five years now. Our server is here to stay. Join our Civil SMP for limited PVP, and a strong sense of community.

Incredibly hard mode, realistic survival.

Our second server is realistic, Hardmode SMP. We take survival seriously. You must carry water, or you’ll die of thirst. You can’t mine hard stone with a wood pick – you’ll need to soften the stone somehow. Watch out for caveins and falling tree branches – physics are real. No placing blocks directly beneath you. You must sleep at night, or suffer the effects of insomnia. Torches burn out. If you fall, you might break your leg. You can contract diseases depending on your conditions – or build up an immunity to them. Armor has weight. If you die, you can’t come back until tomorrow.

Full screen map version now available.

So, why play at Hide Your Fire? Good question. Here’s why.


We’re player run.

We have a light but functional government of player operators, and player input is what drives this place.

We’re well managed.

Our server admins are pro/am, and know their stuff. Years of nightly backups, with per-spot or per-player rollbacks available for the asking.

We’re free.

There is no currency involved, no buying ranks. We play because we love Minecraft.

We’re friendly.

We’re almost always super welcoming and nice. Oh, and there’s no hate speech tolerated here – racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia. That means you’re safe to just relax, and play. It’s smashing.

Our rules are simple, but firm.

  • No hate speech (racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia)
  • Watch the language
  • No griefing
  • No hacked clients / xray mods

Questions? Hit the FAQ.